• 08/11/2016 - 10:00 a.m. -01:30 p.m.   Memo
    Place: Noce Room A6 Pavillion

    BIOWASTE - Convegno

    Small scale composting

    Organized by:  ENEA, AMA SpA     
    call for abstracts
    The innovation produced by articles 37 and 38 of the allied environmental bill opens a significant prospect of development for small-scale composting. Small-scale composting, from domestic to "community" level, expands the system of collection and industrial management of organic waste. In recent years, experiences like those of the spreading of the Municipal Register of Composters and the adoption of collective and community facilities in various situations pose technical and regulatory problems with regard to monitoring, rate rebates, authorisation, the creation of networks, etc. The session seeks to offer an overview of these issues.

    Section Chairs
    Fabio Musmeci ENEA
    Leopoldo D´Amico AMA SpA

    10.10.20 a.m. Introduction a.m. The regulatory framework
    Giulia Sagnotti (Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea)
    10.40.11 a.m. Reflections on the decree in light of Regional experience
    Enrico Accotto (Piedmont Region)
    11.11.20 a.m. The experience in Apulia
    Paolo Silingardi (Achab group) a.m. Campania Differenzia: The autonomous composting experience
    Vincenza Di Malta (ANCITEL)
    11.40 a.m. to noon. State of the art in collective and community composting in Italy
    Pier Giorgio Landolfo (ENEA - National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development)

    noon.12.20 p.m. A community composting network in Rome
    Leopoldo D´Amico (AMA) p.m. Small-scale composting: advantages for the world of agriculture
    David Granieri (Coldiretti) p.m. Presentations from Call for papers p.m. Conclusion and close

    (programme to be completed by July 2016, after assessing all abstracts submitted to the conference and dividing the accepted papers into oral and poster presentations)

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