• 09/11/2016 - 02:00 p.m. -06:00 p.m.   Memo
    Place: Sala Condominio Eco


    BEACON EVENT: Circular Economy & Smart Cities: opportunities and outlook

    This event proposes to discuss the opportunities that implementing the Circular Economy in the urban environment can generate, in particular if joined with the recent technologies and functionality that are characterising the new Smart Cities. There are many environments in which benefits are available for society, from the construction and demolition waste sector to circular management of urban waste and energy, right through to local resource management. Management that requires coordination between the companies that operate in the areas and the public sector that provides services for it, also thanks to shared flows of material and information. There are already some positive examples in Europe (e.g. Amsterdam with city planning based on principles of circularity, Hannover with the zero-waste and sustainable design, etc.), but the widespread diffusion of these tendencies is still very limited in effect. It is necessary to understand what services and products can be developed and what smart technology and business models can make them sustainable. Presentations by experts, service providers, technologies and the public sector will, on one hand, demonstrate the essence of the concepts, but on the other allow opportunities and outlook in Italy and Europe to be sketched out, allowing the cities of the future to implement a concrete approach to industrial symbiosis.

    Gian Marco Revel, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italian Construction Technology Platform Coordinator

    Introduction: Patrizio Bianchi, Councillor for the coordination of European policy for development, education, professional training, universities, research and work, Emilia Romagna Region

    - Ashima Sukhdev, Government and Cities Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    - Francesco Profumo - IREN President
    - Massimiano Tellini - Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Chief Innovation Officer Area, Head - Circular Economy Project
    - Antonella Galdi, ANCI
    - Marco Castagna .  AMIU President: Genova City: Waste management in Smart Cities: the application of circular economy in Genoa . LiguriaCircular
    - Bernd Gawlik - European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre, Unit H 01: " The Circular Economy Package for water resilient and smart cities -  opportunities for innovation and growth"
    - Marco Granelli . Councillor for Mobility and Environment, City of Milan
    - Lanfranco Marasso - Engineering

    Conclusions: Carlo Maria Medaglia, Head of Techinical Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment

    EN/IT translation will be provided

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