• 10/11/2016 - 09:30 a.m. -05:00 p.m.   Memo
    Place: Tiglio Room 1, A6 Pavillion


    BEACON EVENT: Circular economy. An opportunity for the competitiveness and sustainability of the Italian production system

    By: ENEA                                

    9.30.10 a.m. Registration of participants
    10.10.30 a.m. Greetings and Opening
    Coordinated by Morabito . ENEA and Bonato - REMEDIA
    Chamber - Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, DG for Sustainable Development, Climate and Energy
    Stefano Firpo . Ministry of Economic Development, DG for Industrial Policy, Competitiveness and SMEs

    1st Session Strategic Context: a new model of social and industrial development

    Coordinated by Bonato . REMEDIA a.m. Strategic approach towards the circular economy
    Morabito . ENEA, Sustainability of Productive and Territorial Systems Department a.m. European Circular Economy Package
    Vincenzo Gente . European Commission, Research & Innovation DG a.m. Circular economy and industry
    Andrea Bianchi . Confindustria a.m. Circular economy: market and responsibility of the producer - the risks for success
    Nepi . FISE-UNIRE

    2nd Session The role of regulation: requirements, expectations and opportunities

    Coordinated by FISE-UNIRE

    11.50 a.m..12.10 p.m. The strategic importance of incentives to the demand for sustainable products and raw materials (GPP tax incentives, etc.)
    Simona Bonafè or Chiara Braga, TBD
    12:10-12:30 The fundamental role of EPR systems
     Bonato - REMEDIA p.m. End-of-Waste Decree
    Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, Waste DG, TBC p.m. Reach regulation and recycling
    ENEA/Ministry of Economic Development p.m. Lunch break

    3rd Session Technologies and approaches for end of cycles in the industrial sector

    Coordinated by Brunori . ENEA p.m. End of cycles in consumer goods design and production processes: a success story
    2.40.3 p.m. End of cycles in industrial areas: positive examples of industrial symbiosis between dissimilar industries
    Industry or representative of industrial area in Rieti, Sicily or Emilia-Romagna, TBD
    3.3.20 p.m. Eco-design for end of cycles
    Paola Sposato-ENEA p.m. End of cycles in product value chain: the case of end-of-life tyres
    Ecopneus, TBC
    3.40.4 p.m. Recycled aggregates from C&D
    Giorgio Bressi, ANPAR (Italian Association of Recycled Aggregate Producers) TBC

    4th Session The Circular Economy: benefits for businesses - business success stories
    Coordinated by Morabito - ENEA
    4.4.20 p.m. Procurement (Adidas, Timberland?) p.m. Production (Green Chemistry, ?)
    4.40.5 p.m. Distribution (Oviesse?)

    5 p.m. Conclusions and close

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