• 09/11/2016 - 10:00 a.m. -05:30 p.m.   Memo
    Place: Diotallevi Room 1 South Hall


    BEACON EVENT: Circular & critical raw materials. New opportunities for manufacturing industries

    Organized by: Edizioni Ambiente, Rivista Materia Rinnovabile, ENEA, Ecomondo Technical-Scientific Committee

    Big News in the world of raw materials supplying the industrial production: material economics are changing, and in a short time the relationship between resources and the natural capital may change as well. The key element of these changes lies in new ´renewable materials´ that are appearing in the market. They are, on one side, biomaterials .  among which bioplastics are becoming increasingly important . and on the other hand new materials coming from ´urban mines´ and ´industrial mines´, that´s to say what we called ´waste´ till yesterday and that, under certain conditions, can become new raw materials for the future.Moreover, the main manufacturing countries throughout the world, including EU, pay outstanding attention to the mitigation of possible supply shortage of raw materials.(EU, USA, Japan arranged a list of critical raw materials and devote big efforts on competitive recycling of end-of-life products, research for new materials designed to replace the critical ones).In this context, how should the industrial supply chains be organized to ensure quality and continuity to the new matter flows? The event will focus on problems related to different models of industrial organization, technological innovation, critical materials and best practices.

    Section Chairs 

    Roberto Coizet
(President, Edizioni Ambiente)
    Roberto Morabito
(Director of Department for Sustainability, ENEA) 


    Session 1: Raw materials in global scenarios

    Chair: Roberto Morabito

    10.00-10.20 Introduction and short summary 

    Roberto Morabito
    Marco Moro (Editorial director of Renewable Matter magazine)
    10.30-10:50 Raw materials as a gear of the circular economy: the business´ point of view./ Le materie prime nel meccanismo della circular economy
    Fabio Iraldo, IEFE Bocconi University
    10.50-11.10 A national strategy for materials efficiency / Una strategia nazionale per l´efficienza nell´uso dei materiali
    Reima Sutinen (Ministerial Advisor, Ministry of Employment and the Economy in Finland)
    11:10 . 11:30 Criticality for raw materials as a function of time, markets, policy / Criticità delle materie prime come funzione del tempo, dei mercati e delle politiche
    Luis Tercero Espinoza (Fraunhofer ISI)

    11.30-11.50 Innovation, education and business as key players to mitigate raw materials shortage in Europe / Innovazione, educazione e business come attori chiave per la mitigazione della scarsità di materie prime in Europa
    Pierluigi Franceschini (Manager, Southern CLC, EIT RAW MATERIALS)
    11.50-12.10 An outlook of circular economy and on raw materials in Italy / Lo scenario dell´economia circolare e delle materie prime in Italia
    Laura Cutaia (ENEA)

    12.10-13.00 Discussion and Conclusions
    Roberto Morabito

    Session 2: Circular materials amongst old and new industrial value chains

    Round table session involving industry testimonials
Roberto Coizet

    14.30-14.40 Introduction

    Roberto Coizet

    14.40-14.55 Andrea Di Stefano, Novamont: Renewable materials as engine for the industrial reconversion / La materia rinnovabile al centro della riconversione industriale.
    14.55-15.25 Filippo Brandolini, Herambiente, Alessandro Massalin, Officina dell´Ambiente, Daniele Gizzi, Aitec: Valorizing waste as new raw materials . The importance of securing quality in the supply chain / Valorizzare gli scarti: l´importanza del fattore qualità lungo tutta la filiera
    15.25-15.40 Gino Schiona, CIAL: The perspectives for Permanent Materials / Le prospettive dei "materiali permanenti"
    15.40-15.55 Achille Monegato, Favini, Waste and byproducts as new raw materials - Criteria of selection / Criteri di individuazione e selezione degli scarti come materie prime
    15.55 -16.10 Marcello Somma, Fater , Integrating places and industrial processes / L´integrazione dei processi industriali nei territori

    16.10-17.00 Discussion 

    17.00-17:30 Conclusions 

    Roberto Coizet

    EN/IT translation will be provided

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