• 08/11/2016 - 02:00 p.m. -05:30 p.m.   Memo
    Place: Global Water Expo Room

    GLOBAL WATER EXPO - Convegno

    Drinking water: emerging pollutants and initial applications of safety plans

    By: "Waste Water Treatment System Management" Working Group of the University of Brescia
    call for abstracts

    The Water Safety Plan (WSP) is emerging as an innovative method for guaranteeing the safety of water in water supply systems. This approach is based on assessment and management of the risk of water contamination in all stages of the water supply chain, from collection to the point of consumption. The aim of the WSP is to prevent, or at least minimise, the potential contamination of water collected from the environment and intended for human consumption, to eliminate or reduce any chemical, microbiological, physical and radiological risks and, finally, to prevent any recontamination in the stage of storing and distributing water up to the point of use. This approach was introduced for the first time by the World Heath Organisation (WHO) in 2004, was implemented in the European directive and will be implemented by Italy and various other European countries in the future. Many water service managers are paying attention to the WSP as an instrument that may present operational and management consequences for risk management connected to the presence of pollutants in water distributed. This conference, which is organised by the "Waste Water Treatment System Management" Working Group, aims to illustrate the operating methods for application of the WSP, as well as the first concrete experiences of developing and implementing the WSP within drinking water supply systems. To this end, a lot of time will be dedicated to illustrating management experiences, also selected through a call for papers.

    Session Chair:
    Carlo Collivignarelli, University of Brescia, Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Territory and Environment, Brescia

    2.2.15 p.m. Presentation of the conference
    Carlo Collivignarelli, University of Brescia

    Part I: Management of drinking water risk p.m. Emerging pollutants and Guidelines for risk assessment and management in the supply chain of water intended for human consumption according to the Water Safety Plan model
    Luca Lucentini, Enrico Veschetti Italian National Institute of Health - Rome
    2.45.3 p.m. National survey on Italian experiences of risk management associated with the presence or emerging pollutants in drinking water
    Sabrina Sorlini, University of Brescia
    3.4 p.m. Experiences of managers
    Acque del Chiampo (Andrea Chiorboli), Acque Veronesi (Massimo Carmagnani), AOB2 (Mauro Olivieri), etc.

    Part II: Experiences of WSP application
    4.4.15 p.m. Application of the WSP to the drinking water system in Caprarola (Province of Viterbo)
    Michela Biasibetti, University of Brescia p.m. Application of the WSP to the drinking water system in Mortara (Province of Pavia)
    Alessandro Abbà, Barbara Marianna Crotti, University of Pavia p.m. Poster session

    5.15 p.m. Discussion and conclusions
    (programme to be completed by July 2016, after assessing all abstracts submitted to the conference and dividing the accepted papers into oral and poster presentations)

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